8 Things Before Hijab

There are two ways for you to show love, according to the sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasalam (s.a.w). One of them is to give food, and the other is to give salam.

I hope we can all share food one day (I basically love food), but for now...Assalamualaikum :)

Assalamualaikum :)

Today marks the fourth year since I first donned the hijab in public.

I shall summarise what made me wear the hijab permanently - I had recently lost a relative and after the burial, during the jemaah prayers, I felt a jolt in my heart that it was time...and that I did not want to take off the hijab I was wearing. I literally went from not wearing hijab to work one day, to wearing one the next day. The beauty in wearing the hijab is that it is Allah who will move your heart, and His impact is the greatest and the best! It took me two years to finally commit to wearing it, and these are the 8 Things that moved me:

1. Support from workplace 
At my new job, my principal actually showed me the kiblat at work.I had never prayed on time or outside of my house before that, but it was this small action that brought me closer to the hijab.

2. The Domino Effect
My sister had gotten engaged and started wearing one. Shoutout to Kak Nini!

3. Word of Encouragement from MOM
My mother said I would look pretty whenever I wore one. LOL

4. Self Reflection 
I thought about how my parents were paying for my sins every time I step out of the house wearing one. I knew of this, yet I continued to go out without one. It took me a while to be brave enough and determined enough to commit.

Seriously, the presence of instant shawls. I am still a total noob when it comes to styling my shawls so instant shawls are godsend to me.

6. Inner peace
The security and calmness that comes with wearing the hijab, knowing that I am covered and that I am doing this for His pleasure.

7. I am Allah's servant
I felt that I asked a lot from Allah, yet I am not doing one of the things that He asked of his servants - the hijab.

8. To be a better Muslimah
The sense of identity of being a Muslimah striving to be a better person. Which I am always, always trying to be.

Still, even though it has been four years, I have yet to perfect my hijab. And I even think to myself, it is not easy to be wearing the perfect hijab. What we can do is to strive, each and every day, to make ourselves better than the people we are the day before. We can start small. You don't dive straight into the waters. You dip your toes in the pool for a while, make sure it is of a considerable temperature before slowly sliding into the water. And it takes time to get used to the new sensations of the water flowing around you.

That is what hijab is like for me. We start with the idea and the intention, we learn about it, we ask around about it and we give it a try. Try which look suits you, which look makes you feel happy and calm and confident. Look up different online stores that sell awesome tops or dresses or palazzo pants that go with your new shawls. Collect shawls. Ask your friends where they get their shawls. And who knows, these small steps will lead to a big change for you inshaAllah?

That's my (very long) hijab story. What's yours? :)

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