Why Dshawl? Not Ashawl or Zshawl?

Q: How does Dshawl came about?
A: It happened on one fine evening. I have finalized my samples for new collection till my sister whom we called Dhee came home to me requesting, "Kakak(elder sister), can you make your shawls easier for me to take wudhu?". Me, "How to?" "You know I always pinned my shawls to my shoulders(on her clothes area of course) & will only remove my pins on my head to take ablution? Maybe you can do something like this?", showing me how she put her shawl under her chin, bring it to the other side of her head and pin it to her inner hijab. She then remove it, explaining to me that's how she do it everyday whenever she wore a long shawl to take ablution. Me, "Alright, let me take a look at it and give it a try." I took one of my samples. Chose the one with wrinkle free material and did some tweaking. Took my thread picker to unpick the existing threads, get ready my needles with thread and my favourite: hooks & eyes. I am all ready to go! I didn't managed to create exactly how she wanted but it solved her problem: to have a wudhu friendly instant shawl. Alhamdulillah.

Q: So why is it called Dshawl?
A: By now, you should have guessed. Yes, you are right. I named the wudhu friendly instant shawl after my sister, Dhee. When you remove the "hee", it still has the same sound. D+shawl = Dshawl which also sound like The Shawl. And if you are still wondering who she is, the lady in the picture above is her!

Q: What is THIIRTY8 mission?
A: We aim to lighten our muslimah's daily routine and Alhamdulillah, we are able to rectify it. All are through Allah's mercy and help. And without our community's help, we will not be able to reach bigger audience to inform them on this beautiful collection which will give impact to not only us, but many muslimah out there. Feel free to share this news to everyone and from our end, we now deliver worldwide, hoping for other countries outside Singapore to have the collection too. Insya'Allah.


Dshawl: The Wudhu Friendly Instant Shawl Collection

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