Have you ever wished that you have at least 5 more minutes of sleep every day before going to work? Me too! Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Marfua. I was a content coordinator at an international entertainment company. Every day waking up and getting ready to work is a rush and I always wish if I could just slip on my shawls. Finding pins and brooches takes up at least 5 minutes of your time. Right? So that’s how Thiirty8 was created; when I started to find solution for myself and decided to share it with everyone.

2017: Launched Dshawl: The Wudhu Friendly and Pinless Instant Shawl and more to come…

2016: Launched The Hijab Kit, The Hijab Kit for KIDS and Mariqa: The Reversible Instant Shawl.

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