Mariqa KiDs

Mariqa Series is the reversible instant shawl designed perfectly for both 1 loop and 2 loop instant shawl lovers. Now your child can have the same instant shawl as you. No makcik keropok anymore. When you're free enough to style them, unhook MARIQA Kids and style them! If you're busy, just let them don themselves like how our kids model did hers below:
MARIQA KiDs comes in 2 sizes: S & M.
Details below:
1) Material: Premium Liquid Satin
2) Measurement for Size S: 150cm x 45cm fits Kids aged 7-9
3) Measurement for Size M: 170cm x 45cm fits Kids aged 10-11, Maybe 12 if she's petite
4) Face hole size, approximately: 24.5cm
Price: $19
Buy 2 or more, at $15 each.
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